1. Monzta

    EGR Plate Cleaning Problem

    I had a crack at cleaning the EGR plate on my 2.0 petrol at the weekend using a couple of the helpful tutorials online. I managed to unplug all the wires and hoses to allow the plastic cable holder to be moved a little out of the way. The problem I hit was with removing the fuel rail. I can't...
  2. W

    450 mile trip to Premier Tuning well worth it!

    So I'd been putting off making the journey for a while since getting my Accord Tourer in December but my DPF warning light came on the other day and I decided it was time (based on recommendations from this site and Facebook) to head to Premier Tuning to fix the issue once and for all, as well...
  3. adamjosey

    2.2 CDTi Judder / Vibration under acceleration

    Hi All, first time post and sadly it's one trying to find advice on a problem with my daily runner! I have a 2004 Accord CDTi which has developed a judder / vibration under acceleration. So bit of back history, the car has a full service history, however as it had gone over the 100k mark I...
  4. M

    Disassembling EGR valve?

    Has anyone disassembled the valve itself? There are 4 torx screws for that, but the valve doesn't seem to go apart after losing the screws. Image source: The problem: valve is cleaned and shines like...
  5. morpheous87

    Accord 2.2 i-ctdi 2004 problem

    Hey, I have a strange (at least for me) problem with my Accord 2.2 i-ctdi 2004. When it's running at almost full revs, some glitch appears. The car starts loosing power and pulling hard, like it's running out of fuel. First it seems as fuel or air problem. When I bought the car I saw that the...