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09 idtec power steering sticking.


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Accord ictdi
Apparently electric power steering is used on gen 8 accords. I've no dash lights on but steering is stiff, and not self correcting from corners. Any advice on checks or solutions would be greatly appreciated
It’s electric mate.
Just updating issue with car. The big bottom ball joint collapsed on Passenger side and pulled the driveshaft apart. Lost steering and drive. Thankfully happened outside my house at crawling speed otherwise there would have been a serious accident. I'd put off checking the car out properly for a week or so as I thought it was the steering ***ist. There was squeaky sound coming from passenger side over bumps and steering got stiff around same time. Ball joint must have been drying out and coming apart. stiff steering was due to ball joint not turning.
Thanks for circling back, I’ve never seen a power steering failure on one of these so good to know it wasn’t that.