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Honda Accord I-CTDI

Model/Spec: Honda Accord 2.2 ictdi (4 door saloon)
Year: 2006
Mileage: Just ticked over 218,757 miles.
How long owned: 7 years

Problems you've had:
So far since Oct 2019 (previous update)

-Alternator one way clutch pulley died again (2nd time round) Refub Alternator now installed
-Clutch master cylinder began to creak and feel pretty rough - no amount of lubricant keeps it away for longer than a week so I decided to change it - It was still on the A01 original revision.
Now updated to the A05 version.

Apart from a puncture the other day it still hasnt left me stranded on the side of the road due to any mechanical failure.

Still has the original clutch and DMF - its still hanging in there.

My target of 250k miles with no further major failures is still my goal - Fingers crossed she gets there :)

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Clare, Ireland
2010 Accord idtec
Model/Spec: Accord EX GT 2.2 idtec
Year: 2010
Mileage: 161982 miles

How long owned: 6 months
Problems you've had:
Passenger side head light bulb, nightmare to change haha. No other problems with her. Goes well, really comfortable. Only complaint is that the Bluetooth doesn’t seem to work for music but aux is perfect.
Overall marks (/10): 9.5/10 -.5 for the bulb being awkward.

Spoiler to be fitted soon, looking to upgrade alloys too but happy with standard 17s for now. Very happy with her


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Accord 2.0l i-VTEC
Model: Accord SE 2.0 i-vtec

Year: 2006

Mileage: 54359

Owned 1 month with the usual minor problems:

( I checked the MOT history before buying and there were no fails and only a couple of very minor advisory notes https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history )

Came with really scruffy hazy headlights: a hand application of T-Cut polish got them back to about 90% of what I'd like.

Condensation inside headlights: reading through the forum have decided to live with the problem.

Spent 10 minutes looking for the rear screen wiper switch (I'm used to hatchbacks:oops:)

Rob Cool

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mk8 Accord 2.2 Dtec
Model/Spec: Mk8 CU2, EX GT Accord 2.2 I-Dtec
Year: 2008 (58 plate)
Mileage: 164800

How long owned: 2 years
Problems you've had:
Passenger front window switch module - fixed it somehow by putting it in the oven :cool:
ABS rear sensor - intermittent drop out
Turbo vanes blockage - only happened recently as I've not been doing long journeys due to Covid :(
Changing headlight bulbs is a pain in the ***!

Overall marks (/10): In my honest opinion I would say 8.5/10. It has had a few issues but nothing major really, its at the age where things are expected to start to wearing out!
The satnav system took a while to get my head around it's not the easiest or most user-friendly software!
I still don't know how to use the handsfree, I just use the aux!

The premium sound system is brilliant! I love my music so this was one of the requirements it had to have!
It's very comfortable on short or long journies, lovely car to drive its very sturdy and can handle being chucked out a bit.
Mine has had a remap, egr and DPF delete, I also had a twin exhaust made which suits the car perfectly and put an import rear number plate on which changes the look of the car so much... for the better!
This has been, on the whole, one of the best cars I have owned. In terms of reliability, style (I love the look of it) and practicality, I can't complain it's just been a great car. Probably worth noting that this is the newest car I have ever owned haha, I'm used to late 80's Hondas/Nissans and generally crap cars. But even cars I have driven this has been one of the nicest.

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