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Any experience with lowering springs?

Rob Cool

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mk8 Accord 2.2 Dtec
Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of getting lowering springs (probably Tiens) for the accord.

Has anyone else lowered their accords and if so, what has been your experience of them and have you got any pictures showing how it sits?
Almost all of the springs I've found are are 30mm front and 25mm rear so will go for them probably, there are some 40mm springs I have seen that are tempting though ;)

Hi mate :))
So did you lower the car with springs ... I’m also looking forward to lower the car only by springs ... I don’t want it stanced but I have too much space between the fender and the 225/45/17 tire....
I still haven't :( I was planning to buy coilovers but I have other mechanical work to do first before I buy them. My shocks are all original on 167k miles so I doubt fitting lowering springs will help it much.
A new set of shocks and springs will be around £400-500, a set of Teins or BC's are £750, there are even some eBay specials for £250 (will need a bit of modifying for the strut bar mounting bolts).

If I have enough after I change the clutch next month I may look at getting some eBay specials and see how they do, might be the following month though :(

I was looking at Tein Street Basis Z 415£
but I don’t want to spend that much money right now, so I’m looking more for a lowering springs.... which is the much cheaper option for now .... and it will work on the stock shocks ... I don’t know ...