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Buying advice - 8th gen petrol


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Had 2009 2.4i Exec
Hi all

New to the UK but previously owned a 2009 2.4i Exec in RSA. Needing some advice pls on purchasing a used Accord here in the UK

I would be doing school runs, limited urban/suburban driving and was targeting a 2008-11 EX 2.0i. I live in outer London and could be subject to ULEV requirements (inside the ring road)

I've reviewed a couple of UK website but wanted to post a few questions to you
1) The used prices I am seeing on Autotrader and Cargurus are significantly higher than reference pricing (Parkers?). What is the best source for used auto pricing right now in the UK
2) Stick or auto? My fear is that the auto saps responsive on what is a low torque engine
3) Price negotiations in the UK - what works? I've lived in countries where aggressive discounts are not insulting and others where there is little room to negotiate - what is more true in the UK for this kind of car
4) What did I miss? Common failure items and such



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Accord 2.4 Mk 8
Hi - Welcome!
Generally I would be looking at condition and has it been serviced/looked after. Check service book and you want to see invoices as well. Check for recalls, (easily done via google/dvla/Honda.) There are 2 recalls and a recommendation that I am aware of - windscreen trim (the long plastic trim on both sides,) make sure they are secure, they can come lose and fly off. Airbag. And check that the sunroof if it has one is not rusty, I do not believe this was a recall but Honda replaced a load of them - search this site there will be loads of info on it.
I wouldn't touch an auto -as you say it saps the power, but using one in London would be good, but not outside of it.
In my experience main dealers will not give much off (this was pre Covid, they may be desperate now!) Haven't bought from a private seller for a while but generally they are open to offers as long as you do not take the micky.
Give it a good roadtest and make sure all electrics/air con works etc, it should drive well with no clonks/noises/smooth gear change etc. The underside and under the bonnet always looks rusty on Accords, not too much of a problem, just make sure the rust is not too bad.
Hope that helps. Good luck.