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Comfort electronics (MICU) re-programming? Miles to KM? etc


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Honda Accord EX
Hi guys.
I want some comfort electronic modification - re-programming if somehow it would be possible.
I read the circuit diagram of my car regularly and I understand now how things work. There is a CAN bus system but also there is an own communication line too.
I want the mirrors to fold in and out when I lock and unlock the car. My best guess is, this is possible to "tell" the MICU how should it behave.... as all the modules are in communication with each other. Even the rear windows switches!
Also, I want to change the miles to KM on the dash. My car is a UK model but I do not like the millage. I like to see the KM and for example the 100Km/L counting etc...
It is NOT possible to change it in the menu, only for the ACC.
Would be great if I could use a button as all the civic have.... but unfortunately Accords do not have this option.

If anyone has any clue how is possible to change these settings... would be great.
I know the US model accord support some comfort electronic change from the user on a easy way.
What device can do it?
If anyone works for HONDA, can you tell me that the original Honda HDS able to programming the comfort electronics?
Thank you


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Co Cork Ireland
Accord Type S CW3
There is a plug and play module from Honda to allow auto mirror fold, I can't remember the part number but it is available.
Miles to Km I am not sure is possible.
I have miles as mine was a UK car but Ireland has the Km system.
I can convert in my head so it doesn't bother me.