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Electric side mirrors


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Accord 2.2 i-DTEC
Hi all,

I have an 2.2dtec, UK model. Since I bought the car only 1 (drivers) side mirror was folding after pressing the button on the door. I have changed the motor today in the passanger side mirror and it works a treat however I have noticed something.

On the door you have the control to adjust the mirrors. I have always set the control to be in the middle so when i accidentally pres the joystick its not adjustimg either of the mirrrors. Now when i worked on them i left it in the position to adjust the passanger side and notoced that when i put the car into the reverse the mirror automatically goes down for me to be able to see the kirb. However it i put the position to the middle or to adjsu tthe drivers side nothing is happening.is this normal? Or an error and both of the mirrors should be going down when in reverse?
What?! I've had my car over 2 years and never knew of this!? :oops::eek: I will be trying this out first thing haha, i've always left it in the middle
I find it brilliant, us it to reverse up the drive and not on the grass. Just a shame the drivers one is not the same.
Yes its an EX model
Hi does anyone know the part number of the motor. I have a passenger side mirror that’s not folding but everything else is working perfectly. It’s a UK car