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Full throttle boost drops then comes up again 2.2ictdi


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Honda Accord 2.2 '04
Hello, When I bought the car I had this strange issue when accelerating with the car, it would accelerate great at the beginning and then it would kind of stop and pick up again.
I installed the Torque app and decided to measure boost and RPM i am not sure if any of this is correct with the Torque app but i can definitely feel car failing to accelerate and picking up again.
I recorded the data and posted a video if someone could check it out and tell me if this is normal or if there might be something going on, could it be because of bad injectors?
Here is a video of acceleration in 4th gear from 2 000 RPm there is a boost coming up and at around 2600 the boost drops and later comes up again.
I have recently installed a new Bosch fuel filter

Is everything within the air intake system standard ?

Standard (clean) air filter and all plastics in place and sealing ?
More likely a sticking or bad turbocharger
I didnt change air filter but to me looks ok i can taks pics of it. Should I try without air filter maybe?
What i noticed is lose clip on the bonet cover up next to air intake pipe so i put new clip in and its holding good now i have to test it. The air intake ia standard as far as i can tell.
Fahad what do you mean by sticky? Like dirty pipes or? The turbo sounds very nice when accelerating maybe i can try remov intake pipe to check for play.
Can any of the sensors maf map cause this?
I just noticed it’s an ictdi not an idtec. More likely a blocked inlet and also clogged egr and intake runner control. Are you in the UK? You may want to consider booking with me for a health check
Fahad i wish i m close but i am from Balkan few thousand miles away.
I have tested it without air filter and nothing changed still boost drop, where would be a intake runner control or where should i check blocked inlet?
remove your intake manifold and thoroughly clean it out. Check the intake flap is clean has full free range of movement.. see if it helps
I still haven't fixed the issue, but I have been reading on the internet a lot and there are a lot of ppl with the same problem. uploading the same boost spike and drop and raise, definitely the same boost curve.

Could there be a safety feature that will limit boost to save a clutch? I'm not sure.

In the last few days I have done the following which didn't help:
Cleaned the EGR
Checked vacuum pipes for leaks and cleaned them all (T connectors as well, no leaks)
Cleaned boost valve, IMRC valve
Checked turbo actuator for vacuum it holds vacuum
Check the movement of VNT vanes it moves in both directions and you can hear metal clunk on both sides
Cleaned intake flap and it moves

At first, I thought it was over-boosting but it's not.
I did a half-throttle pull in 4th gear and the bost raised to 1.20 bar and dropped down to 1.0 same as it would when full throttle and at the same RPM range. It's just that at full throttle boost goes to 1.40 bar.

What I noticed is that this happens at a certain RPM in 3rd gear it happens from 3000 - 3500 RPM and in 4th gear from 2700-3100 RPM and then boost again raises.

Today I did a full pull in 4th gear and I could see at 4000RPM the bost was 1.40 bar so it raised again.

The thing is there are a lot of posts where ppl had the same issue but since they are old posts on forums no one replied to them
I know you’re remote but an egr blank and remap will likely solve this. You’ve probably got a slow operating egr valve, I solve them regularly.
So now I am getting a fault code p2004 stuck open valve.
My current valve is denso 101362 4461 which has a green sticker, can I change it to 101362-4800 which has a purple sticker(facelift model)?


Replace it with this
Facelift and pre facelift have a different vacuum circuit. The diaphragm is attached straight to the valve on the pre facelift but on the facelift it’s a separate part of the vac circuit. I don’t believe they’re interchangeable. Your valve is probably ok, your intake is likely blocked because of leaking egr and build up of soot.
The car has EGR off and the EGR itself has been cleaned and blocked. The intake manifold and IMRC flap have been cleaned(the flap is not sticking)
From what I can see only a small admittance filter on the facelift model is remote and on pre-facelift is straight on the solenoid.
My second Solenid which controls the turbo actuator doesn't have admittance filter, it's broken, can this cause issues?
I can see that on facelift nad pre-facelift model this solenoid is same part number
Yes that can be causing an issue. That’s not a filter it’s a diaphragm that regulates the vacuum pressure as it’s commanding the solenoid to open and close the flap. If it’s broken then the flap isn’t working properly..

The turbo solenoid is the same part for the egr solenoid (on the facelift cars). The pre facelift has an electronic egr.