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Fwd Bulkhead Corrosion


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'99 Accord 1.8i VTEC
Hi all !

Just joined site.

I own a 1999 Accord 1.8i VTEC SE, 4 Doors, Manual Transmission, Silver.

I have owned this car for almost fifteen years and has been a truly amazing car !

As widely known, these 6 Gen Accords have a terrible flaw in their design.

This design fault is the corrosion which affects the car's Forward Bulkhead.

My car naturally has this same issue. Last month, the accelerator pedal became seperated from the bulkhead due to the metal corroding away.

My question to everyone here is does anyone know anybody who has succesfully carried out rust repair & protection on a 6 Gen Accord Bulkhead ?

Can anyone help me to rescue my car ?

I live in Bedford, England.

Please help !

Thank You.