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Is a front bumper bar for Estate and Saloon the same part?


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2011 S-type estate
Hope someone can advise - I need a front bumper reinforcement bar for my 5dr 2011 S-line estate. I found one but it's for a 4 door saloon. Will this part fit my estate?

Yes same part for both saloon and the tourer. Shipping seems a bit on the expensive side….

Put your VIN into here and select your car, then navigate to upholstery. You’ll find the beam in the front bumper page with part number 71130TL0G01ZZ.
Great thanks a million, really appreciated!
Just be aware when I changed mine I had issues as the second hand replacement didn't fit straight on. On my 08 plate the bar was as pictured the 2 plated areas pointed to were you bolt on are flat. On the replacement the plates had a curved edge that caused issues and needed areas grinding down (green lines) for the bolts to fit. Both where original honda items. See crappy drawing hopefully shows what I'm trying to explain