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Possible to Retrofit TPMS system?


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West Yorkshire
2012 I-Dtec Type S
Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has retrofitted a factory TMPS system? If so what is needed?

As far as i'm aware my car doesn't have a TPMS system fitted.
If i cant retrofit then i'll buy a wireless solar one online - about £20, anybody have experience with these on the accord?
The OEM Honda TPMS I think uses input from the ABS wheel sensors measured against a rotation / time value set via a calibration process. I think this is clever, because it uses only software. (edit for clarification: I think it derives an average value from 4 wheels and uses that value to determine deviation)

Aftermarket systems (correct me if I am wrong) use wheel mounted pressure sensor and bluetooth / OIT type comms to a central unit.

I kind of wish that jailbreaking onboard Honda systems was a thing, but as far as I am aware there is no community for that. The programming logic for using ABS wheel sensors to monitor deviations in tyre pressures does not seem all that difficult.
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Yeah it would be awesome if we could activate it since no hardware is required.

Oh well, i guess i will just have to buy one of those ebay sets, they seem to get decent reviews anyway.