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Steering Wheel Upgrade!


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I've been considering a lush steering wheel upgrade since I got my Tourer. There's nothing wrong with the existing steering wheel but it lacks a certain modern look that I think would not only add value to the car (in a tiny way) but would just be more enjoyable to drive.

I've been talking with a great company in Poland called Custom Steering Wheels, who use an exact donor steering wheel and modify it to your liking, check out the pics of the spec I like most.

Now replacing the steering wheel with a top of the range carbon fibre one is crazy expensive (around £700 if you can find one that would fit, and then worry about having the right number of connector pins etc etc) whereas this company could make me a lush example with the perforated leather and alcantra, with all the original connectors and switches (that you keep from your original steering wheel and fit to the new one) can be yours for a shade under £300.

The colours, material, stitching, shape - everything can be customised, and installation is easy. Here's the ebay account for Tomasz at CSW.

I don't work for them or anything, I just thought members might want to check these guys out!


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I haven't tbh just seen them on there its something I'd like to do but the cost makes it a very low down on the list haha