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What is your RPM at 70 MPH?


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Farnborough, Hants
Acord 2.4 iVTEC EX
Hi guys,
I have had a few Hondas now and actually got my first automatic a few months ago. What I have noticed is that its gear ratios are a bit different from the manual version, but as I don't have my manual Accord any more (RIP somewhere in Germany), I would like to check what other people have on their cars.
So, get on the motorway, get to 70MPH in your highest gear and check your RPM. Then post here with info on your car model, engine and transmission.

Here are mine:
2.3K RPM
Accord 2.4 Saloon CU2, 5 speed automatic
Lexus IS250 2.5V6 6 speed Automatic - 70MPH 2.1k RPM

I did have a Gen 7 Accord 2.0 5speed manual and that sat at 3krpm @ 70mph one of the reasons I ended up selling it tbh.