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Wheel spacers info needed


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Honda Accord GT ES
Has anyone fitted wheel spacers? I currently have 18" delta wheels fitted which I like, the issue I have is they don't fill the arches ie they seem sunk in or the offset is too high so not coming out enough.
After looking at other accords this seems to be the way honda wheels are. Has anyone fitted spacers to rectify this?
Don't want massive ones that will put strain on bearings etc just enough to bring the wheels out a little further. Never used them before so appreciate any advice on them.

Thanks in advance
I am in exactly same position as you.I have just spent £180 on four new hubcentric japspeed spacers for my mk7 tourer having never used them before.I also didn't want to place any strain on bearings etc so opted 15mm all round just to bring my 17" alloys almost flush with arch.Im yet to fit them so interested in any responses here even though the OP has the mk8.
For anyone looking for info in the future, CU2 with OEM Deltas (R18/+55/7.5j) clears +20mm in the rear and +15mm in the front, could go 5mm wider with rolled fenders.
@Trawa I can confirm 15mm on the front and 20mm on the rear will also work with the standard 17” alloys; same offset and width as the deltas. I’ve had them on my CW2 tourer since October and done well over 5,000 miles with no problems. They look so much better as stock the wheels are tucked right in. I’ve got some pics here in this thread.