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Hi Dav,
Did you ever sort out the power drain? because I have the exact same fault, even with the same current draw. I don't see me clock flickering though

I have a 2003 Honda Accord CL9 manual 6 speed gear box. With home made big CAI, RSP withhome made mods too,weapon-R race header + 2.5" clutch is stage 1 street - race from ACT... is your mapping could work well with my parts?

I would like a SP98 tunning, possible E85 too?

If i install an k20 VTC, is the ECU will manage it?

Thanks a lot

I'm living in France!

Best regards,
Did you manage to sort out a turbo timer for your type-S?
How much is the competition clutch then ?
Rob Cool
Competition clutch was £450 plus vat, doesn't include flywheel!! Also it'll be a modified CTDI kit.

A company called RTS, they do clutch's and brakes etc, they have quoted me a hybrid clutch and dual mass flywheel for £647.07 inc vat and postage. It can handle up to 603Nm torque!! I will getting that next month the reviews for them are good.
Rob Cool
I messaged them from there website, it links to their fb messenger chat
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I have Honda Accord CL9 2004 Japnese Version.
Is This Possible. Install Honda Geniune Bluetooh Module P/n 39770-sea-e010-m1.
Hi everyone.

Need some help on honda crv diesel

Had service done 2 weeks ago.after that one day all sudden turbo start making noise.upon diagnose p1237 error says(boost pressure lower then expected)then replace turbo core and car was fine but still on uphill goes on limp mode and same error comes on p1237.when i did service i used aftermarket fuel filter not the OE.
Well the car isn't fine then...

you should always use a OEM fuel filter with these engines but that code suggests a boost leak. Do a code search on this forum.
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I have an Honda Accord 2004 2.2 ictdi. I am getting dtc codes "DTC B1300 PA71, DTC B1305 PA71 and DTC B1306 PA71." Can anybody tell me the meaning for these codes. Thank you :)
Hi Just come back to owning an Accord Tourer after having a Civic Touer for 3 years does anybody know where i can buy some roof rails for my 55 Plate Tourer, tried all the Breakers no luck any advice on where i might find some Thanks