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  • Sorry to hear about your knee, I was in a compression cast for 2.5 years, for Charcots foot )bone softening) been out of that for over a year now, so I know how you feel. Possibly the best thing you can do is get a coupe of inspections from independant paintshops as well as the dealerships approved repairer, then take it forwrd from there. The dealership should then take some notice. Good luck.
    Kev, had some news on my paintwork. Motorcodes have sent out an independant ***essor to inspect the vehicle. He wasnt impressed with the paintwork. Writing his report and should be in touch within 2-weeks. Hopefully will recommend a respray.!!!
    Hey no worries, but I do think he was rather impetuous in locking-off the thread. When I get some news, I WILL be starting a new thread and letting other members know. Called Motorsodes the other day, and they are expecting an answer from Honda by 9 June. So fingers crossed, as I have written evidence from the dealership that there IS something wrong with the base-coat, and NOT the top-coat.
    oh i broke my leg at the weekend!!!! in two places after a freak fall on my trials bike at the weekend! total bummer!! cant drive for over two months, gna miss two stag due's, and its a ***** to do anything lol..
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