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    Saying Goodbye to 6th Gen - free to a good home!

    Good afternoon everyone! After 4 years of owning my beloved 6th Gen, I've now changed jobs and been given a works van to dash about in which has left my Accord sitting on the drive with nowhere to go. Would anyone on the forum be willing to take her off my hands? It's a good runner, but with...
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    Lumpy idle and stalling F20B6 - Help!

    I've got my MOT coming up next month and I really need to do something about my car's lumpy idle... It's fine when cold and starts up and runs smoothly. When it's warm it's a pain in the backside - lumpy idle and stalling when pulling up at traffic lights etc. If I've been driving for about...
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    What the fks that noise now?

    I removed my headlights to polish the haze out of them. It's not as straightforward as you'd think - I had to remove the bumper! You might be able to get the motor out without removing the headlight, but it's a right clart disconnecting it from the internal adjusting mechanism and best done...
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    Lpg Gas System (Lovato) Accord 98-02

    I bought this one from Amazon in 2015: Also got one for my Dad last year too. No problems connecting either device to car or Torque App via Bluetooth
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    Lpg Gas System (Lovato) Accord 98-02

    Unfortunately I can't help you out with that as mine connected really easily, and from what I can see there isn't much to configure? 1. Plug in your OBD scanner and turn on the ignition (or start the engine) 2. Open your Bluetooth settings and search for the device and choose "pair" 3. When...
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    Accord 6th gen and earlier manuals
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    Accord 6th gen and earlier manuals

    I've got the ISO file on my Google drive, if anyone needs a link... Also - anyone managed to get it running on Windows 10? I've tried to run it in compatibility mode, but didn't get much joy.
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    1999 Accord with F20B6 engine losing coolant

    Talk about Sod's Law.... On my way home from work yesterday (a few hours after reading the thread and posting the above) I was stuck in roadworks and noticed my temp gauge was at 3/4 instead of the usual rock steady 1/4. Luckily I leave my bluetooth OBD reader so I started up the app on my...
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    1999 Accord with F20B6 engine losing coolant

    My missus is envious of how quickly my accord heats up in winter. Her Vauxhall Mokka takes 15 minutes on a dual carriageway to get to normal temperature!!!
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    Rear Brakes

    With the car safely jacked up and on axle stands (Safety is number one priority!) it's a pretty straightforward job. Calliper is held on with 2*12mm bolts, as is the carrier - 14mm. The bolts are threadlocked though, so may take some effort to break them free. Once you've got the calliper...
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    Leaking air conditioning hose replace or refurbish?

    Try Pirtek - they are nationwide and helped me out one time with re-fabricating a power steering cooling line. If you can't get an exact end fitting, the existing crimp could be cut off and a new coupling welded on that would fit a standard crimp.
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    EGR cleaning

    Ok, that's the next "spare weekend" job for me then! Cheers for the advice
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    EGR cleaning

    Does cleaning the EGR plate etc affect the idle running of the engine? I've noticed a few times that mine comes close to stalling (and did once) whilst sitting at idle when warm with the aircon on.
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    I just got a 25mm hole saw and perforated the lower side of the air filter housing about 5 times. It makes me :D and cost nothing
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    Accord mk6 A/C issues.

    I had similar issues last year - the Condenser looked OK but turned out out be knackered. From my experience I'd strongly recommend visiting an A/C specialist. The re-gas is a comparative price to that of the likes of Kwik-Fit, but with the added bonus that they know what they are talking...