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    ...Another Tailgate Problem (Tourer)

    Glad it was sorted if it comes back at least you know where to look, i had very similar fault and when it came back i stripped both hinges did proper repair, tested with hds and then ashamed to say left covers off for nearly a year before i fixed back. ;)
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    Replacement of engine chains

    Online photos are gone maybe admin or another member have downloaded pics to send over
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    ...Another Tailgate Problem (Tourer)

    There is emergency release inside boot under flap in the middle, if the boot opens fully on a level road then struts will not be that bad, my suspicion is wiring loom if you had hds then you could diagnose further, however I suggest wiring loom on both hinges as mine has been working for ,2...
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    Diagnosing Aircon Problems

    Pictures were lost
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    ...Another Tailgate Problem (Tourer)

    Please list if you have checked wiring loom on both sides before looking at sensors ?
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    Cruise control clutch switch problem

    Common failure is clutch plate on pedal cracks and moves posistion so cruise control will not work correctly you can adjust but will have to re adjust remember to disconnect connector before adjustment.
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    VSA completely disabled???

    need diagnostic for dtc codes
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    Radiator hose

    try breaker link or ebay
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    Exhaust Size CL7 2.0L Petrol

    yes most likely
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    Exhaust Size CL7 2.0L Petrol

    No idea where that data would be i would measure with cloth talpe when cold
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    Power Tail Gate (PTG) fault. Help please!

    Common failure is also result of broken wires
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    Dreaded ABS, VSA, TSA dashboard lights

    i would reset with hds and calibrate before anything else
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    Steering Rack.

    steering rack unlikely, i would recommend someone from good garage scheme or motor ombudsman
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    It's Gotta Go! 06 2.2 Tourer.

    what is issue with car ?
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    It's Gotta Go! 06 2.2 Tourer.

    please post in selling section with pictures and more details