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    Service manual

    The database is procedure oriented and relational, which means it can collate sections and images from anywhere in the database into your query outcome. This is difficult to do in a pure PDF document. I think the most you can do is to create a set of PDF's for common procedures that you think...
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    Mk7 2006 Accord 2.2i-ctdi ex Navi 6 cd head unit

    There are several existing threads on the Navigation head unit that explain various, but kind of limited, options. The diesel doesn't seem to play nice with aftermarket android units that work on the petrol model.
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    Service manual

    I haven't figured out how to run my copy on anything but Microsoft Internet Explorer. On my windows machine the procedure is as follows: Right-click HONDAESM.HTML in parent directory. Select "open with", then "Internet Explorer" from drop down. Click OK to warning you are about to open IE...
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    Service manual (stolen from Antdad's signature file) :cool:
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    5th generation aerodeck

    I have one. Getting old but still drives well. Lovely curves on that car and I still think the 5th Gen wagon design is something Honda got 100% right The 2.2 vtec engine is the best starting engine ever. The wagons were made in the US. They have a bit of a cult following in Japan because it...
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    A/C faulty

    You should run car AC once a week for a few minutes to lubricate the seals.
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    Please posts bugs here

    Can anything be done with the *** substitution filter for words that start with the US spelling of arse? ***embly, ***istant etc. Perhaps we can start using words like arsembly and arsistant :cool:
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    The relay of no return

    Thanks for returning it. Can you aim 20cm forward next time though.
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    The relay of no return

    Stupid things happen. My 1994 VTI wagon has a parasitic drain on the battery. So am poking around with a multimeter trying to find the culprit, and I pulled a few fuses and relays in the process. As I'm fumbling with one of the RC2225 relays, it slips out of my hand and falls down past the...
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    Gear selection woes on a 2007 Accord Tourer

    So if you go from 3rd to 4th and then straight back to 3rd it slips back OK?
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    Gear selection woes on a 2007 Accord Tourer

    If you rev the engine up a bit shifting from 4th to 3rd does that help?
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    What other cars have people got/had

    Hmm, I thought I had already done this one. Have lots of photos, somewhere, in a box. I'll scan them one day. 1968 VW Beetle 1500, later boosted to 1640CC with a bore kit, cam and Holley twin barrel carb. Eventually took it off the road for a rebuild. 1969 VW Beetle heavily modded with...
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    Gear selection woes on a 2007 Accord Tourer

    Are you using a short throw shifter kit?
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    Have I screwed the Sat Nav?

    Without checking anything in the manual, with this type of reset / memory problem with anything that has some sort of bios like instruction set (i.e. has a boot up procedure), disconnecting the battery for a while usually resets things to factory. Usually.
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    Safety recall

    This is how I understood it. Takata didn't have an immediate fix for the problem, so they opted to start replacing suspect inflators with new stock that could potentially develop the same problem, but would be good for six years minimum. The early replacements all need to be replaced again if...