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    Safety recall

    This is how I understood it. Takata didn't have an immediate fix for the problem, so they opted to start replacing suspect inflators with new stock that could potentially develop the same problem, but would be good for six years minimum. The early replacements all need to be replaced again if...
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    Car Future

    I think given the way things are going a zombie apocalypse might happen before the Brexit wave form ever collapses into any of its possible realities.
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    LCD Clock not changing with SatNav Clock

    I have a 2006 with satnav and I adjusted the time via the touch screen a couple of weeks ago without a problem.
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    LCD Clock not changing with SatNav Clock

    I was talking to a dude from Romania on the Facebook page, last week, who has the same problem. Has anyone experienced this problem BEFORE the GPS change that affected older GPS units? e.g. last year or earlier.
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    Car Future

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    Sounds like clutch slip but only in 6th gear with recent clutch '58 plate CDTi

    Bemusement is often used to throw you off the fact that they have already realised they probably fs*cked up. Try approach this not from a warranty angle, but a please fix this with a discount angle.
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    Air con is this normal?

    A sniffing tool for aircon leaks is relatively cheap.
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    Car Future

    The Future isn't everyone driving Teslas. The future is everyone driving vehicles that are whatever Tesla and all other manufacturers combined will come up with. I think chassis based Lithium Ion batteries are a transitional technology. I also think that there will at some stage be an agreement...
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    Is a "Fortron Induction" service - worth doing?

    Looks like useless on-sell BS. About as useful as having your tyres filled with nitrogen.
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    moving dvd drive

    Don't see a problem as long as you extend the wiring properly.
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    Car Future

    I re-read some stuff. Making diesel from waste plastics isn't the same process as producing syngas from wood. Diesel can be produced using pyrolysis, in which plastics are heated to extreme temperatures without combustion, creating a hydrocarbon gas that can and distilled into various weight...
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    Sunroof seal

    No matter who sells it, most parts are still made in China. I grumble when I have to buy "UK" parts, knowing these are from China, and essentially I'm paying for taking them on a roundabout world tour. The car is a pleasure to drive though.
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    Car Future

    That is super inspiring. I think they could have done more to streamline the package and have it actually fit inside the boot area. I think I read something about turning waste plastics into diesel oil, but don't have anything at hand to share. ISTR it was a process one could manage at home...
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    Bonnet Insulating Mat

    I think any expanding PU foam / adhesive should work. But read the specs on the can for temperature details rather than take my word on it. But if it can stand metal roof and hot water pipe temperatures, car skin temperatures should be OK. Do clean the surfaces with carb cleaner so it will...
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    Sunroof seal

    My gut feeling is that: sunroofs might not be that different from one generation to another (is the Gen8 sunroof different from gen 7?) sunroof hardware is likely shared between Hondas of the same generation. i.e. the rubber from a 2016 CRV might be exactly the same as a 2016 Accord sunroof...