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    7th Gen - Rubbish for kids car seats

    Long time ago now... but from what I remember, yeah, it was fine. Had the base unit which worked well with the baby carrier that detached onto the stroller, and then the next size up when he got bigger was a nice chair too. It had several recline positions and apart from sometimes getting muddy...
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    Oh yikes! There's a second recall! Mad!
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    They should be. They have a database matched against vin numbers. Just pop in and see them. They'll know whether or not it needs it.
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    New Year, New Forum!

    Yeah, we're looking into it. Not sure what's happened there...?
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    Bought 2nd 7th...

    I should caveat that with track skip/playlist skip won't work if you're just using the aux, only an iPhone/iPod allow track/playlist skip.
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    Bought 2nd 7th...

    You need an XCarLink. There's a silly multi-pin connector on the back of the unit. It's a centre console out job. It's actually designed for a cassette or CD changer, but the XCarLink plugs into it and then you plug your iPhone, iPod or aux cable into the XCarLink and all the steering wheel...
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    Lost part while driving

    Is that definitely off your car? Not something you hit? How big is it? It's hard to gauge its size in the photo.
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    New Year, New Forum!

    Hey everybody, Happy new year and welcome to the 2020 upgraded forum. We've moved over to a new forum software provider that should include improved functionality, greater options and flexibility, a fresh new look and stronger spam prevention. In all, a great way to get the ball rolling for...
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    Flywheel + clutch replacement, my DIY experience

    Great write up! Nice work.
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    ABS light

    Check fuses, if they're all good, check the earth cables, make sure none of them are overly corroded. Beyond there, maybe start looking for signs of moisture ingress behind the dash.
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    Do 7th Gens Suffer From Rust?

    Well, a 7th gen won't be that bad, but they'll still getting old and will be suffering corrosion across the undercarriage, suspension components etc. Also check for rust on rear arches. If possible, look for 8th gen if you're worried about rust as they'll be newer less likely to be rusting up yet.
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    Car Future

    Indeed, but I do believe we're the minority. A bug enough minority that we will politically be able to hold off autonomy, but I think it will happen eventually, probably decades away yet.
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    Car Future

    Electric cars will become cheaper as time goes by. The car industry has a 100 years of infrastructure history that's going to be overhauled in the next few decades. The knock on effect is that as electric cars become more commonplace, the production cost will come down and so too will the second...
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    All the best Sean :)
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    Where to get 2.4 tourer exhaust

    There are no off the shelf options as far as performance exhausts go for the tourer. It's a different design the saloon (for which there are several options). You may be able to get a blueprint copy. Failing that your options are to go to a custom exhaust place to make you one or go to Honda. I...