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    hello .

    Welcome aboard.
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    Rear Disc Size

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    Good Alternator Recon/Refurb Sellers

    Thats correct the alternator has now been superseded to DAN985 so could may have been a issue with the old ones.
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    Good Alternator Recon/Refurb Sellers

    Alex don't bother going for a recon alternator there is no guarantee genuine parts were used to rebuild it. I'd go for a brand new genuine denso alternator which is the company who manufactures them for Honda. Denso DAN984 is the one you need. I replaced mine with this alternator still going strong.
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    Alternator Clicking Noise - Again!

    The clutch pulley is a common problem. It is a good idea to take the belt off and check the idler bearing.
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    Alternator Clicking Noise - Again!

    I thought the revised belt should not make this problem occur again? I'm sure it should last longer than that, the anti friction bearing should have life expectancy upto 40,000 hours but stop start can effect the life span.
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    What is the down-side of re-programming the car's computer to think that there is no DPF (even if th

    Fahad is right. Be careful with an aftermarket DPF as it will cause issues and keep a eye on the engine oil level as when it tries to regenerate itself the car overfuels itself resulting in the diesel fuel ending up in the engine. Best solution is to get the job sorted by Fahad and forget about...
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    I am in Birmingham. Make me a sensible offer and they are yours.
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    I have a pair of gen 6 UK headlights if you need them.
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    2.2 i-ctdi checking blow-by by opening oil filler cap

    Get a diagnostic check done could be a faulty injector causing the issue.
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    What is this worth?

    I don't think its possible to find one for £2500 with that mileage. Trouble is the earliest 7th gen is now 15 years old and finding a decent one is becoming a challenge as most are tired now.
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    AC Compressor bearings are shot - Options?

    I can help out. I've got both a petrol and diesel Ac compressor.
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    Premier Tuning 8th gen IDTEC Type S Stage 2 Remap

    A big thank you to Fahad for remapping our 8th gen Accord a brilliant service from the first phone call right the way through the remap stage I like the fact that Fahad was happy to advise over the phone and didn't force me to book and use his service like many other tuners. Our 8th Gen 2.2...
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    Ashtray bulb

    Hi, Anyone know what size bulb is the ashtray called HH but they informed me its not listed.
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    clock spring

    All sorted last week thanks for the reply though.