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Premier Tuning 8th gen IDTEC Type S Stage 2 Remap


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A big thank you to Fahad for remapping our 8th gen Accord a brilliant service from the first phone call right the way through the remap stage I like the fact that Fahad was happy to advise over the phone and didn't force me to book and use his service like many other tuners. Our 8th Gen 2.2 i-DTEC Type S was suffering from the dreaded DPF issues the only proper way to sort this was to do a DPF delete so it was decided after our conversation that a stage 2 remap with EGR/DPF delete was to be carried out. The service from Fahad was first class upon arrival the car was given a health check reassuringly remapped accordingly to the software currently on the vehicle I had the advantage of watching the whole process he happily showed me the diagnostic health check performed even picking up a sticking turbo vain issue which has been clogged with soot thanks to the DPF which Fahad even sorted for me.

I am very fussy with my cars and didn't know where to take it and who to trust but I can happily say if I needed to remap another Accord I know where I will be going. Fahad is a real Honda Guru and knows these cars inside out we both even went for a drive to make sure I was happy with the remap. As Fahad mentioned Premier tuning don't advertise anywhere but from word of mouth they have customers from all over the world. The car does not smoke at all and pulls really well it doesn't even hesistate on hills like it used to before the power delivery is really smooth how the 8th gen should have been from the factory.

Hopefully we have a reliable car with no DPF issues and EGR pipe leak to worry about anymore. Not many companies that offer a warm welcome and make sure that the work is done to perfection with every last clip put back on.

A big thumbs up from me. Once again it was nice finally meeting up with one of the guys that created this forum.
Always nice to meet forum members for the first time, especially one of our original members. Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback, it was my pleasure and I love leaving customers with a smile on their face.

Till the next time
Fahad is top guy and knows his stuff

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I have just brought a 2009 Honda Accord 2.2 Diesel engine believe this is 8th gen?
I'm interested in getting DPF and EGR delete
and remap done
Can you tell me How much would this cost ?
Please drop me a line with your vehicle details for options.
These make 232bhp on a stage 2