1. Milutin

    Need Help with leaking fuel tank

    Hello everyone,if anybody still owns a 6 gen accord,I need some Help. I own a 6 gen 1.8 Hatchback F18B2,before a couple of days I went to the petrol station to fuel up and when the tank was full the fuel started spilling.That didn't happend before as I was never filling the car all the way full...
  2. Hedgeyourbets

    04 Accord (MK7) steering wheel controls on an aftermarket head-unit

    Hello all I did a search to check if this questions had been definitely answered but there don't seem to be any definitive answers. Has anybody found an adapter which will let me use my factory steering wheel controls with my aftermarket head-unit? I only have the volume, Ch, and mode...
  3. K

    cylinder order, 2.2 i-ctdi

    hey, this might be a stupid question, but can anyone tell what is the order of the cylinders? which cylinder is number one, if you were standing, in front of the car, looking at the engine I had to replace all the injectors, so now I have to code the new ones. but i need to know what is...
  4. W

    【URGENT】2007 Accord OEM HID upgrade

    Dear all, I've got a 2007 Accord Saloon 2.0 i-VTEC with halogen headlight unit. Can I upgrade with OEM HID directly at the dealer or local garage? (NOT the aftermarket HID) Many thanks guys! :) Peter
  5. P

    Self Venting Windows

    I just purchased a wonderful 2009 accord and noticed that when I park the car overnight or for several hours in the warmer temps lately, the windows will roll themselves down by less than an inch or so. This seems to be on both front windows and sometimes on the back. Although it's nice to...
  6. MrCrazy

    Please help! Fob issue.

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and i was wondering if someone would help me out. any advice would be greatly received. I have a 6th Gen Honda Accord 1.8i, 2000 reg. Last week i came out to my car and tried to unlock the car using my fob and nothing happened. I put a brand new replacement...
  7. L

    Accord Front Grill Replacement

    Hi all , First time posting here , I Would like some ***istance in replacing the front grill , excuse me for any ideas that may seem silly as I am certainly a novice in the car scene ! Basically I currently own a 2005 Honda Accord 2.2 Ex , ( see picture below ) , however I would like to change...
  8. J

    1999 Honda Accord - For Sale - £700 or best offer.

    Make HONDA Model ACCORD Transmission Automatic Engine size 2997 Year 1999 Trim COUPE V6 Hi everyone. My partner is selling her 6th gen Accord as she is leaving the country next month, and so I'm posting to see if any of you aficionados would like to give this lovely car a good home, or know...
  9. H

    8th Gen Saloon Accord parts fit Tourer?

    Hi, Just a quick question Do the front body parts like bumper, bonnet, wings, radiator, washer bottle, etc from a Saloon accord fit the tourer model? Thanks in advance
  10. SirHansen

    Faulty bearing on "clutch" on Aircondition compressor

    Hi Today I found out that my bearing on the pulley for the aircon is faulty. Everythime the aircon clutch get engaged I hear a scweaky noice commong from the pulley. I did remove my belt to se if there was any slack on the pulley, and as I expected it was. My local dealer say I need to buy the...
  11. A

    AC Issue after Installing New Car Audio Fascia Plate

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone can help me out. About a month ago I purchased a new Head Unit (Clairon NX404e) and also the the fascia plate (Connects2 CT23HD26) which is by Metra, for my Honda Accord 2.2 i-Ctdi 2006. After having this installed, I turned on the AC and very shortly I...
  12. T

    CL7 2.0 sport. throttle position sensor

    hi guys, i need a TPS but i couldn t find in any sites.i asked honda service in turkey they said it is out of stock and very expensive for a plastic part,more than 100 pounds. i checked ebay,amazon and aliexpress,i couldn t find.does k24 engine tps is compatible with my k20a6 engine or other...
  13. SirHansen

    DIY - Replace front swaybar bushings accord 2007

    Hi Just a quick DIY on how I changed my front swaybar bushings Bought new original one at my local Honda dealer. To access the rear bolt on the clamp that is holding the bushing, you have to lower the subframe some bit to get access. Apologize for my English, I am from the same country as...
  14. M

    Extended vsa warranty

    Well folks. The vsa moduale went in my 2.2 diesel accord could any of yous please let me know how long this warranty was extended for. Thanks very much
  15. morpheous87

    DIY Civic 8 steering wheel on pre-facelift Accord 7th i-ctdi

    Hi, This is a video demonstrating a Civic 8 steering wheel on Accord 2004 i-ctdi. All the buttons on the wheel are working (premium audio and cruise control). The buttons on the wheel, which currently haven't any functionality are going to have such soon :) Probably switching the frond and rear...
  16. 2.4_Roar

    Jap VS German 2015 - anyone going?

    I'm taking my totally standard 7th Gen 2.4 would be cool to see some other accords there! 23 August at 14:30–21:00 The West Meon Hut GU321JX Petersfield
  17. L

    Brake issues with 05 2.2 diesel

    Hi guys My 2005 honda accord cl7 2.2 diesel has had problems with its brakes I have had to replace front drivers and rear passengers side brake caliper due to sticking issues and now my abs light has come on. I was just wondering if there's any advice or issues that could help me solve this...
  18. D

    Strange engine running noise (and problem on cold start up) 2006 Accord diesel

    A few days ago my 2006 diesel accord started making a funny sound whilst the engine is running. It is a whirring noise, almost like a decelerating sound and the more you rev the louder it gets. I also noticed that the car struggles and shudders on cold start-up, although i'm not sure this is...
  19. A

    Looking for a Clutch & Flywheel Replacement Specialist

    Hello I wanted to get an opinion on finding an Independent Honda specialist that can replace the clutch & flywheel on a 57 plate 2.2 Turbo Diesel with 116k on the clock In a nutshell, the clutch sometimes sticks close to the floor & prevents me changing gear, I work around it by tapping the...
  20. morpheous87

    Key receiver location

    HI, I want to install an alarm system in my Accord 2004. It has OEM central locking system and it's controlled with the car's key. So I'm interested in the location of this receiver. Where I can find the key's receiver and how it looks like? Thanks.