1. R

    Low MPG, bad vibrating/shaking when running idle,low revs or reversing.

    Hi, hope someone can help? Got my 59 plate Accord DTEC tourer ES GT Auto in December 2019. 119k on the clock. There is a dreadful vibrating and shaking when at low revs and idle also shakes bad when in reverse. Any ideas anyone please? Ive already spend £740 on new alternator and battery. I...
  2. S

    Hesitation - Idle issue

    Hi peeps, So recently I have noticed three things: 1) When driving either cold start, warm or cold engine the car seems to hesitate. When i get the biting point and set off it sounds like the car is on the verge of stalling but not quite, and just as it does there is a slight vibration and...
  3. D

    Vibration when driving above 60mph and when braking

    Hi All, I am the owner of a Honda Accord Tourer 2.2 diesel, and somehow I have a vibration on my steering wheel and it feels as it is coming from the front driver side wheel (can feel it coming to my feet as well) on the speed between 60-75 (85mph + is okay when I went through Germany and...
  4. E

    Vibrating on idle with ECU Fault Codes P16A1, P1041, P16A4, P1384

    This happened a few weeks following exhaust manifold repair and the replacement of the crankshaft pulley... don't know if it is related. When on idle (warm or cold engine) there is a vibration which can be felt at the steering wheel and pedals (I'm sure it wasn't there). Engine pulls well and...
  5. adamjosey

    2.2 CDTi Judder / Vibration under acceleration

    Hi All, first time post and sadly it's one trying to find advice on a problem with my daily runner! I have a 2004 Accord CDTi which has developed a judder / vibration under acceleration. So bit of back history, the car has a full service history, however as it had gone over the 100k mark I...
  6. T

    Driveshaft replacement

    Hi All. I have the vibration under acceleration described in lots of posts here and have decided to bite the bullet mans change the drive shafts. Has anyone got any experience of doing this job?