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ES GT Front Seat Upgrade - from EX/Type S


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Hi there folks, I am in the middle of a plan to upgrade my ES GT manual seats to the heated power seats from an EX or Type S vehicle of the same year.

I understand there may not be the exact 'plug and play' swap I would like, and there would be extensive wiring and re-wiring to be done to install the switches, connectors etc.

Has anyone had any experience of swapping front seats or upgrading them to power seats? I have found a Type S Tourer that is being broken currently and could salvage all the parts I need, including the upgraded trim parts for the centre console (see pics)

Otherwise, a second option would have a company like www.motormods.co.uk retrofit the heated seat elements and install fresh switches for almost £500 which is a lot to pay for a slightly warmer bum in the winter!

It's a fun winter project that I'll keep track of, but any hot tips regarding the wiring/connectors would be great!


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I’ve done this with mine as my ES GT didn’t have heated seats. Make sure you get the wiring loom or at least the other end of the block connector from the wiring loom of the donor car for the electric seats and for the seat heating.

The airbag wiring is the same so the existing yellow connectors go straight in. I didn’t bother with the memory function so left that blank on my drivers door card.

I got my mate who is an auto electrician to do the wiring, but it was pretty straight forward from memory, and he ran it back to the fuse box to ensure it has its own supply.

for the switch illumination I remember he tapped into the cigarette lighter illumination.
Hey thanks Fahad, that's really great to hear and gives me some more confidence to do it :)

If you would be happy to share your mates details I'd love to pick his brain about it further!