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FR-V whining noise


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accord cdti
Hi all,
Had to get rid of my accord for an FR-V as needed the extra seat, however I have a weird whining noise that is coming from the car. It's a 2.2icdti.

I did take it to a mechanic but he was not sure as where the problem lies. He said it could be any of the tensioner, belt or the alternator.

It makes a whining kind of noise that only starts once the car is warmed up. When the car is cold the noise is not there. When I press the clutch the noise goes away. The noise also increases with revs. I don't seem to have any electrical issues with the car.

Anyone had a similar issue or an idea of what the problem could be?

Possibly a faulty clutch release bearing, only worth changing as part of a clutch replacement
I don't think it is the clutch release bearing as the noise is more of a whining noise rather than a squeeking type of noise. Obviously I could be totally wrong though!
I'll see if I can get a video up to give a better idea of the sound.
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