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04 accord tourer 2.0
Sorry not accord but still honda...im looking to buy a petrol FRV maybe with the same 2.0 i have in my 7th gen accord tourer.Any tips/advice things to watch for especially mechanically? Always fancied one as a daily as they seem super practical ie with the extra seat.
We’ve had one for the last 9 years now, apart from rust it’s been amazing. Horrible on fuel and road tax cost though.
Horrible on fuel and road tax cost though
Just like my accord tourer then lol thb 30 quid pm road tax no big deal.Way i look at it ive owned 3 diesel cars now and yes they are economical but much more maintainance.Dpf, egr, injectors,endless sensors etc etc ive found my savings on tax and fuel have been eaten up on repairs.Looking for a late FRV hopefully with lots of history sub 100k milage.Think they did a 1.7 or 1.8 although ive done no research on those engines.
Ours has over 200k miles on it now, engine still sounds and feels as new. It’s part of the reason we haven’t got rid yet, every year we think it’s time to upgrade but my wife just doesn’t want to part with it.. I think this will be the year though.
I also have an FRV although mine is the 2005 2.0 Petrol one (150bhp).
Mpg and road tax are both horrific but the practicality and reliability is second to none.
My family prefer it to my 8th gen Accord.

If you want a later model like 2008/2009 with a petrol engine you will get the 1.8 iVtec petrol engine (140bhp) from the civic. This is supposed to be more refined than the 2.0 block. I'm not sure on what the MPG figure are on those though.
The 2.0 is a much nicer engine to be honest but less economical.
We have a 2.2 cDTI diesel the only issues we've had are rust over the rear arches and a couple of bumps on the drivers door and rear side passengers door- so just body work. The only mechanical issue has been the rear brake calipers siezing, and a new exhaust. At the moment it is coming up to 140K miles. As practcal as you want fold the seats down and two adult bikes fit no problem.
Thanks for the replys guys.No rush to buy...looking all the time eventually the right one will turn up.
Same here rust on rear arches, sills and sticking rear callipers.