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HELP intermittent power loss


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2006 2.2 EX Tourer
Hi guys hoping you can help

I've just bought my 2006 2.2 i-cdti tourer about a month ago for 1k it's got 187k on the clock.

Had just passed MOT and I knew it needed a few bits doing and thats fine, it came with an economy remap.

All was well and good for a week then one day after picking up my wife from work it stalled while balancing the clutch at the top of a steep hill.

Restarted the car and a minute or so down the road it lost all power, best way I can describe it is like the accelerator was disconnected.

No lights on the dash and everything working except the revs slowly dying and the pedal has no effect.

Then every time I restarted the same thing would happen within a minute or so.

Next day I tried the car for 15 minutes around the estate and all seemed okay.

Drove for roughly half an hour later that day then the issue occurred again.

Same as before once it happened would happen again and again every time I restart within a minute or so.

A couple days later managed to get a mobile mechanic to come put a proper honda code reader on but couldn't find anything.

Couple days later I speak to a friend who's a mechanic and he suggests that we try changing the fuel filter.

Yes I got a Bosch


Car felt much better, more responsive and seems to be working fine.

Did 3 30 minute drives that day with no issues.

Next day I had a 4 hour round trip with kids and wife in the car.

Was all good for 2 hours then started to play up again

Didn't feel safe getting back on the motorway especially the M25.

Had the AA out and he couldn't find a single code live or historic, he took it for a drive and still couldn't find anything out of parameters.

Only guess he could give is that the oil level seemed a bit too high.

Ended up parking it for a while since that seemed to help.

Had another mechanic there look at it and he couldn't find anything but did suggest maybe the in-tank fuel strainer might be getting blocked.

Managed to actually drive the whole 2 hours successfully.

Next day I stupidly tried to make the same journey again.

Didn't even make it half way but did survive.

Parked it for 3 hours hoping it would help like before but it didn't, going back it started happening again after only a few minutes.

Took me nearly 4 hours to make it back a 1 hour drive.

Stopping and starting.

Still no lights showing.

Only indication was the security system plain red light on the dash seemed to come on sometimes when I'm not sure it should but that's hard to say as was very stressed and not used to the car yet.

One time while stopped had the hazards on which randomly went double speed on and off.

I've been scared to drive it more than a few minutes since and was struggling to find a mechanic interested in doing the work.

Managed to get it in to a mechanic last week.

They found a few different issues and didn't think car was worth repairing cost wise but that's a whole other story.

But they couldn't replicate the specific issue I was having.

What do you think guys?

I need to get her back in the road so I can start earning some money doing deliveries.

Can you give me your best guess.

I know EGR can cause this kind of issue but I thought it would come up on the codes ‍♂️

Could it be contamination in the tank / EGR / blocked fuel sender.

Something else maybe
The fact you’re not getting any dtc codes with such a profound issue suggests you’ve got some error suppression going on in the remap. It may well be the egr but ideally you want it flashing back to stock and then running some diagnostics. Get in touch via PM I can probably help.
Thanks but I'd actually been reading a bunch on the forum while waiting the car to rest the day it was stuck on the motorway.

Thanks for all the good info.

Think I might have something though was digging through the forum again last night.

Someone mentioned almost exactly the same issue and he was low on coolant.

One of the things the garage listed was it's missing a bunch of coolant so most likely leaking.

Have just confirmed looking in the tank it's very very low.

Might be the simplest explaination and something I can try first without spending much or running up any more bills.

Will be in touch via PM regardless as I'd like to get her running nice.
If you havent already, on the accord the drain plug is easy to undo by hand, just behind the centre bottom on the radiator. Takea short drive to get warm, put a clean washing up bowl on the ground and you can check both the amount of sediment that comes out and if it really is coolant or just dirty water (like mine ;) )