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Hissing sound


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Honda Accord 2.2
I noticed hissing sound on my accord, i tought there was leak somewhere on that expansion joint on the exhuast pipe under the car. Regular MOT came around and the guy told me it was not leaking under but in the engine bay. Later i noticed around the engine cover, head and some hoses it was slightly blackish from the soot. Went to the local car repair shop and they told me that gasket from some lever on the turbo was the problem. that it was leaking soot from there. They said turbo should be sent for the reconditioning but i'm not so confident in this, because the car runs fine, fuel consumption is great, no black smoke from exhaust.
Do any of you had this issue? Any suggestions what to do, what to check, what gasket could be the issue?
Looking around forum, could it be cracked EGR cooling pipe?
It’s almost definitely a cracked egr pipe. We solve them regularly. Drop me a message for details.
Update on that hissing sound.

Like @F6HAD definitely knew what the problem was i proceeded to solving it. Looked around the internet and on couple of sites found the EGR cooling pipe for around 280-320€. In my opinion thats too expensive but i still don't want to blank the EGR. So i decided to weld the cracked pipe. If this happens again then i'll blank the EGR.

Job took aprox. 3h taking things apart and learning, and about 1,5h to put it back together. I followed instructions from this forum and service manual.


Look at the soot around turbo, engine cover and all the engine in that area.


EGR cooling pipe broke 2/3 of the diametar


Welded pipe, hope it will hold well.