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LED Headlights with DRL


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Accord MK8
Does anyone knows where I can find in UK LED Headlights, possible with DRL for Accord MK8 Saloon RHD and rear lamps with LED as well ? There is a lot of EU versions but I can't find anything for Right Hand Drive :(
Does anyone know if the face-lift lights fit the preface? Was looking to remove the orange reflectors to clean the front end look and this would be a possible solution to avoid butchering the existing lights.
@Blippi did you manage to find out whether the face-lift lights fit the pre face lift? I have headlights without the orange reflector, but not with the DRL’s.
No I chose to butcher the existing lights and painted the orange reflector black using aluminium tape to stop light bleed and added a round lense like so:

Thanks Blippi, I don’t suppose you did a write up of the steps taken? Also where did you buy the round lense?

No sorry there are plenty of youtube videos etc.

Remove the screws on the back, and take out the bulbs. Heat the light up I used a heat gun, an oven is probably better, or a box with a hole in it for a heat gun as a makeshift oven.

Then just use several flat head screwdrivers to separate the lense from the main body of the light. Careful at the ends as there very tight and I broke the indicate lense peice behind the orange lense when separated. I just glued it back together. Painted the orange reflector black and used aluminium foil tape on the back to stop any light coming through. I found the chrome lens after searching aliexpress;

Mounted them to the front of the now black indicator lenses. Also put in some sequential indicator and drl strips. Then I also fitted new lenses as the first time I did these I wasn't happy after reusing the original lense. New lenses where on a lie press too. Just reheat to seal back up I used some more butyl that I got from a guy doing works new roof.

Still looking good and working great even now my brother in law has the car after I replaced it.

The sequential indicators are also white drls when ignition is on.
I’m not normally a fan of these mods but that looks very nice!