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Now an owner of 2 Hondas!!


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Hello again everyone.

just a quick update on my car ownership. the 53 plate CR-V now has a massive 80K on the clock, and for the 2nd year it's failed the mot. needs a fair amount of welding, there's a 2 inch gap between the inner and outer sills the full length of the car on both sides. it's NOT going to be scrapped it's being welded over the next few weeks. also needs a knock sensor and a few brake lines sorting out. the car still only stands me at about £1100 so not too bad.

yesterday I went to pick up another car to run round in for the next few weeks. so I'm the proud owner of my 1st ever Civic, an EP1 with the little D14Z6 in it. I'm in love! it's like a fecking go-cart! it too needs some work even though it's a temporary car I'll probably keep hold of it. frond brakes, 4 tyres and A GEARBOX or a rebuild? may tackle it myself even though it's been a while since I dropped a gearbox on a drive.


the left headlight is no longer yellow, I did my 1st resto using a variety of wet and dry papers and a mop on my drill ( I need a proper machine as the whole car needs doing)
Great to see you keeping them alive, both great motors.
Hi,i live in bolton too..just trying to place the building in the background? lol
I've owned more cars than i can remember but amazingly im on my first honda...best of them all! I will buy another without doubt but i wont part with my 7th gen accord.I will do whatevers required to keep her happy :)
That civic looks great,very straight n clean.A neighbour of mine has one on a Y plate in pristine condition