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Plug & play auto folding mirrors


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Type S Tourer
OK boys & girls. After a lot of internet searching & google translating, I have an answer to the auto folding mirror question. There is a genuine Honda Access accessory, which plugs into the wiring loom that will fold your mirrors when you lock the car and unfold them when you unlock the car - CANBUS wizardry apparently.

The part number is 08V02-TL0-000 (all zero) but it is not available from Honda UK, nor do they recognise that part number. I took a chance and bought it from japanparts (in Japan) at a cost of aprox. £125 including delivery & import charges. This part is available on other websites but I found them really easy to deal with.

Installation instructions are non-existent so I had to strip out the dash to see if any of the wires matched up and luckily they did. Installation involves unplugging the wiring loom plug inside the base of the A pillar at the driver's footwell, behind the fuses, where it exits out to the driver's door. The new section of wiring is plugged in 'in-line', like connecting a small extension lead and hey presto... auto folding mirrors without cutting any wires! Sorry - no pictures - it just looked like a mass of wires. I had to trim back the plastic trunking a few inches to free the speaker wire so it would plug back into the door connector, but other than that, no alterations needed. If you have a friend or relative who is a contortionist, invite them along.

The part isn't listed on japanparts website but if you email them, they'll add it to their site for you to purchase, then send you the link. My car is a face lift Type S Tourer, but I think it will be compatible with all 8th gen Accords with electric folding mirrors,

Nice work mate. I love auto folding mirrors.

So what convinced you to buy this unit and is it only for the 8th gen cars?
Thanks. I made my own mirror folding kit for my last 7th gen Accord (and for a couple of other Accord owners), but couldn't be bothered this time and as soon as I realised Honda made one - the deal was done.

I know they do these kits for the CR-V, CR-Z and Fitt/Jazz but I stopped looking when I found the one for the 8th gen Accord so I don't know what other cars are covered. I'm fairly sure they're car-specific though.

Hi Guys

Looking to purchase said item, one website said it is a genuine Toyota part which is compatible with Honda!


John S
Hi John,

The module I received was definitely from Honda. I would be surprised if Toyota made a compatible unit and I wouldn't risk buying it unless it was very cheap. If you want more details of how I ordered mine, I'm happy to help.

I enquired via https://www.japanparts.com/contact/contact_us for 'parts not on our site' and they were very helpful, including delivery options.
After Reading this thread, I decided to go order one and hey presto 3 weeks later it turn up:

Inside the box was a section of loom with connectors on, an ECU and some mounting hardware:

To fit it to the car I started by removing the panel covering the bottom of the A pillar, this just pulls off:

Next I opened the little pocket in the panel below the steering wheel and removed this screw:

Then the whole panel will pull off, be careful not to pull the wires on the switches in this panel:

I found it made it easier to pull this connector in the door jamb out to give better access, the connector on the new loom plugs into this:

Be Careful not to damage the small connector underneath it.
then I simply plugged in the connectors and push the ECU into the dash, I did not use any of the mounting hardware as it was so cramped under the dash that there was no room for it.
Then just put it all back together and I now have auto folding mirrors!
Thanks for the japanparts tip! I also ordered from them, package arrived quite fast. I also asked for a quote from another company in Japan but the price was higher, the offer came later, and the shipping was more expensive.

I ended up using the mounting kit which is a bracket that I attached to another bracket's screw. It has a slot where the module fits in with a snug fit, including a hole in the middle to keep it from sliding out. The reusable zip-ties that it came with were also good, I tied the cable to a thicker cable in the footwell to keep everything nice and snug.

Maybe in the RHD there is less room to work under the dash, but in my LHD car it was no problem. Here is the mounting position (it's the black box with the green plug)

So are the folding motors fitted but not wired up from factory?
Stevearcade said:
So are the folding motors fitted but not wired up from factory?
They are wired, there is a switch inside the car to make the fold and unfold. The problem is, it only works when the key is in the ON position, which is a bit annoying if you forgot to fold the mirrors after parking, and it's also a bit dangerous to open the door after folding the mirrors because you can't see behind you anymore.

This module just makes it that the mirrors fold automatically when you lock the doors and unfold when you unlock the doors.
Sorry, misread. We're in 8th gen aren't we... Thought we were in 7th gen. My bad...
Would I have to order one of these for each mirror? as I've read on another website that you need 1 for each folding mirror. Thanx
No, you only need one module.

mps500 said:
Would I have to order one of these for each mirror? as I've read on another website that you need 1 for each folding mirror. Thanx
Great read, I am struggling to find the plug and play kit mentioned above. And didn't get a reply back from japanparts as of yet. So I proceeded with an AliExpress kit apparently suitable for the 8th gen Accord. Its part plug and play, however there are 3 wires that need tapping into the existing wiring. 1xpower which Im guessing you could draw from the MICU connector and then 1 x unlock/1 x lock which I believe would be tapped into the small connector at the door lock actuator.

Only problem is I cant work out which colour wire on the MICU connector is 12v power, and which colour wire is lock/unlock on the actuator connector. Any help would be appreciated.IMG_1478.jpgIMG_1482.jpgIMG_1490.jpg
Although it doesn’t list 8th gen Accord I messaged the seller who confirmed it did. The modular connectors fit in the factory harness but the instructions are so poor I’m not sure which colour wires are lock/unlock on the actuator and power on the MICU. So haven’t been able to successfully install so far. However I think I’ve found a seller of the Honda Access plug and play module, I’ve ordered one to arrive from Japan £50. If it does arrive and work I will share the link as £50 for the Honda kit is good value....maybe too good to be true. Will keep you posted.
Update on the delivery....item has finally arrived in the UK and is now at my local depot for delivery on Tuesday. Customs charge was £12.24, so making the item £68.49 all in. Let’s hope it’s actually what was ordered! Will keep you posted.
Hi ryan14421,

I know it's probably not worth asking after 4 years, but which seller did you approach, please?
I'm also in desperate need to find the said OEM module for CU2/Euro 8th.