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    Just to resurect an old thread, my bluetooth had stopped working and after trawling through here came upon this this thread. Followed the pictures and disconnected the module, connected again. All working fine, so havent a clue what had happened there !!! But thanks anyway.
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    H1 led headlights

    Ah, the lovely bulb debate, ive given up caring. I went through 3 last week alone !!! That halfords trade card comes in very handy, i can get 6 and still have change out of a tenner.
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    Rear window visors for the 7thGen

    Mmmmm. Me too. Wheres the best place for wind deflectors ?? They all seem really expensive !!!
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    Not very impressed!

    Its not recognising my VIN for some reason !!!!
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    Not very impressed!

    Dont know of the site but would be interested in it ??
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    Transmission flud - how oftend to change it

    How much should a garage be charging for this, out of interest ???
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    This is why you should change your accord diesel fuel filter

    Call me stupid, but i thought the fuel filter got changed every 12,500 miles, minimum ??? Please educate me.
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    Just bought myself a new gadget

    Link to the post please. What car did you get ??
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    Terraclean diesel

    Very interesting, like theyve said, more info please.
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    Just bought myself a new gadget

    How did you get on buddy ???
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    How the hell?.........

    Now thats a good idea. For some reason one of the kids has put a sweet wrapper down mine !!! Dont you just love kids !!!
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    strobe 3rd brake light

    Aaahhh. I see. Im with the people who say it just looks broken !!!
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    strobe 3rd brake light

    Pardon my ignorance, but what does it do ??
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    Ebay boot lip spoiler

    Very daft question, months later, but is your spoiler still up for sale ???
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    2 Stroke oil in your ictdi

    +1. Think ill leave it too the experts, no offence meant to anyone who's doing it.