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Littlebo/UKCL9 CL9/CM2 - K24 Reflash/Remap Test ECU

Hi @ukcl9 ,
Finally thinking of doing the reflash for my 03 MT CL7..

Do you've a test ECU that'll work in that so i can swap and send mine in?
Ah wow, that sounds great.

I've got a windows 10 laptop that only has USB-A and USB-C port, would that work?
also how much is the cost these days?
hey y'all.. also was wondering if any cl7 owners could share their experiences after reflashing?
can't help looking at the clock... put an order in with @ukcl9 (cheers for the helpful advice) and now excited for tomorrow when the reflasher turns up....
Well chaps, here I am back again... with the relflashes done on both cl7 and cl9... aplogies for late post on this, had death in close family soon after reflashes were done so got tied up...
But yea, as @ukcl9 suggested and convinced me to... i first got the cl9 reflashed and my God what a difference... the thing absolutely flies off in normal auto mode.. and when switched to manual mode the engine sound above 3k rpm and the rev limiter going beyond 8k rpm is just unbelieveable and very and i mean very enjoyable.. only thing I've done couple days ago is replaced the normal air filter with a k&n one, not sure if that's made much of a difference or not.. but the reflash of cl9... well recommended

Then got the cl7 while I was there, and that made a welcome/much needed change to the boring very under powered feeling cl7, she feels much more responsive throughout the gears and likes those revs.. have ordered a k&n filter.. will wait and see what sorta difference that makes, as any little change in power is def felt in the cl7 as it lacks power... but the cl9 is at another level..

all in, very happy.. well chuffed that I'm gonna leave those audis and beamers in the rearview or atleast stay next to them, while they're thinking.. oh its just an old accord..
that cl9 is a real wolf in sheep's clothing
Message For UKcl9/Frazer/Littlebo/Sergei

I am a new convert to Honda cars (very impressed and this is my first one), currently owning an Accord EX mk8 2.4l auto with the spec of IKAS/ACC etc with 68k miles on an 08 plate.

Pretty keen on the reflash for the K24 as it looks like worth doing for the extra low-mid range torque and earlier Vtec power band.

Could you PM me if its still available?
Is this still active? Are people having their reflashes done through here?
K24 is a great engine, probably best Honda ever made for masses, hope to catch someone with CU2 too !

things have changed,no need to send me your ecu.
i send you an obd2 device to reflash your car. you will need a laptop and wifi. pm me if you want to proceed

How does it work with removed resonator and cat and installed short ram? Do I still Need the same map or is it something different?
I am interested about it but bit worried that car is not check on the move during reflash.
Do you think it's safe?