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Valve Stem Seals


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2009 Accord EX
I'm about to tackle a change of valve stem seals on my '09 2.2 i-dtec. Anybody have tips, photos, videos or write-ups? Looking to do it without removing the head, if possible.
I have not done this on a diesel, but on one of my petrol motors I inserted a length of clean rope into the cylinder via the spark plug hole, in order to press the valves into the valve seats at near TDC. The alternative I read was using compressed air, again via the spark plug hole. You could possibly rig something up to insert air via the injector hole?

I constructed a jig (a bent steel plate with some slots cut in) that would compress the valve springs by screwing the plate down using a camshaft retention stud. The collar retainers jumped loose onto 2 neodymium magnets positioned on both sides of the slots, to catch and especially not lose, these rather small bits of metal. This worked really well.

It was a lot of mucking about, but it made a hell of a difference to the motor. I read later that there are valve spring compressors that work on non-removed heads. I have no idea how they keep the valves from falling into cylinder though.
I can't seem to get the cam shaft that is connected directly to the timing chain off. I removed the tensioner, but it doesn't allow enough slack to slip the chain off. Is it possible to do without removing the whole engine?
Are you using the workshop manual for the iDTEC engine? The camshaft removal procedure should be in there. Perhaps one of the cam drivewheels has to come off (guessing).