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    1000 'likes' for freddofrog!

    Well done freddo - well deserved
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    Wiper blade replacement.

    Aye Bosch here too, excellent blades and very quiet (flat type)
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    Toyota Yaris rear hub replacement. Tools ?

    As cliffordski mentioned above. Sounds very similar to the 7th gen saloon rear hub ***embly which was actually quite a straightforward job, no vsa/abs reset nonsense on a yaris either (I think?)
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    Extreme Hoarder busted

    Clearly the fuhrer wants them back
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    Joined the dark side..

    Swirl flap? In a 523i? Agreed though, I love the bmw straight sixes such a lovely soundtrack when you push the loud pedal
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    Do 6th gen springs fit 7th gen models?

    Surely the springs will be designed with the kerb wieght and oem ride height of the vehicle in mind? The 7th gen being quite a bit heavier I believe and sits so high it requires a pilots licence to drive one
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    2.4 Type S

    !! What are they doing with that accord? Off-roading ?
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    2.4 Type S

    Don't do it ! If we all keep the stilts we might start a new craze ! I can picture it now "mate that cars amazing, where did you get it raised?"
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    2.4 Type S

    The front bumper on the black car is a Honda access sport bumper i believe (optional extra). The rest of it is type s with the exception of the hideous optional side / front protection strips (city pack) - minging With regard to the stilts - All gen 7 accords appear to be riding high unless...
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    Suspension opinions ?

    Quick update - fitted the ball joints which was an absolute pig and something I don't intend to do again anytime soon but was thanks in part to the excellent guide on here. The car no longer attempts to fire you off into a bush when travelling over rough surface/cats eyes etc which is great. ive...
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    Speaker upgrade

    From experience you'll notice a difference in sound quality at the front. The rear will probably sound a bit deeper because of the better quality cones and frequency handling As soon as you raise the volume any higher than about 18 (I think) the bass will start to drop out as the head unit/amp...
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    Is it worth buying a 6th Gen

    If your not looking For the thrills of a type r and leaning more towards the extra toys etc then the type v could be a good bet. They came with either the 2.0 or 2.3 litre engine. Beautiful interiors and smart cars - seen a few low milers recently going cheap Corrosion is always an issue to be...
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    Wheel alignment

    Plus one - I hate this and don't take any gumpf about "that's the closest we can get it" Take it to a garage with a hunter machine will help usually
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    is this an omen ?

    I can't let you do that Dave.......
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    Speaker upgrade

    As freddo has rightly (copied and pasted) the rear shelf speakers are filtered for low frequency. Obviously you can hear mids etc but it's quite ****led. However, this did improve slightly when changing them out for three ways - but not much. The easiest solution is to fit a new stereo...