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    Accord syndrome

    here is some shots of the new one
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    Accord syndrome

    ok here is some new pictures its not quite the same standard as marcus's cb but its nice to have something to aim for i have repaired the bumpers and removed the massive washerjets then painted them i still have the bonnet and some wheelarch work and the pannel under the rear indicator and re...
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    Accord syndrome

    Apologies for not uploading any pictures I have a new phone with a camera so I can put some pics up my old 6310i finally gave up I'll do that tomorrow at the garage I convinced my mate to buy a cb and he has a minter( best out of the3) 50000 miles silver 2.0 1990 .I'll see if I can get pics of...
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    Accord syndrome

    Ok what's with it I've only had an accord for a couple of months and now everywhere I go I'm spotting accords legends and old civics all over Now I think my syndrome is chronic now as I've just bought another cb3 this time a 1990 auto carbd version with original documents and one owner from new...
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    85 ex r

    Very nice she's real purrdy I love the way the old accords look from the front
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    Have you still got the mark 4 accord and still interested in selling her?

    Have you still got the mark 4 accord and still interested in selling her?
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    Walnut/Grandad Trim Upgrade

    Good job man well done Personally I prefer the grandad look ive just bought a flat cap for the parcel shelf to add to the sleeper look next will be the tartan rug
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    Part time fuel gauge

    Marcus if you want I can take the clocks out of that 6th gen and take the fuel gauge out and send you it if you need You sure it's your gauge mot the sender and they are useless I love all these crossover parts on these cars means I reckon I can keep her sweet for a least 20 years
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    Part time fuel gauge

    Look at your fuel sender wires they tend to corrode a bit in had to replace the connections as they went green there should be 3 wires i have a green yellow wire which is the return wire ( sorry I have to think of electrics like a water system) or signal wire to the gauge I have just fixed my...
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    Help newboe with these questions

    If it's chrome can't you powder coat it? Maybe they are better at removing the chrome
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    4th gen mot

    I have just replaced the gearbox oil with Honda mtf 3 and it has made the gear changes smoother no crunches now However I get a slight notchy feeing into every gear I understand these have cable type gear linkages is there a way to adjust these types I don't think it's gearbox mount related or...
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    4th gen mot

    Cheers man I'm proper chuffed next is the minteg and model t rod Should fly through as they are tax exempt so no emission test I'm loving the accord it's got a lovely balance of torque and power I drove a friends type r civic with k20 back from Manchester way and I was a bit dissapointed...
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    4th gen mot

    Took her to the mot today after fitting everything and bleeding the brakes And it passed The brakes are spot on now the mot guy was pleased the machine read: 120 rears 110 handbrake 320 fronts So I took her out and gave it the beans it seems like it's in vtec all the time but that must be the...
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    pale leather, black permanent marker

    Permanent marker some biro and sticky stuff left from stickers can be removed with spray deodorant like linx type stuff not any with powder in and it works best on non porus materials as the alcohol will slowly thin the stuff first i have used it on glass paint plastics ect with spot on...
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    headlights washer - how to disable

    I reckon the Volvo ones with wipers on are a good idea but what's wrong with stopping and using a cloth if your lights need cleaning then why not the number plates also The Mazda ones are not safe as i went about with no or low water more often and as I said used to flash the people in front of...