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    best place to use axle stands?

    Yes, it can be a problem to put the car on stands while having the jack in the same spot you want them to be. I use a really small jack to do it and manage to get the stands there too. Like this.
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    best place to use axle stands?

    Look here:
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    best place to use axle stands?

    Only use the jack points, front and rear. Like when you change a tyre.
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    Auto Window Up/Down Function

    Yes, I recall being something like that.
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    Auto Window Up/Down Function

    I recall there's a reset procedure to enable the auto window function. Could just be that and nothing serious. When I get home, I'll try to search for it in the technical manual.
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    Where should the engine temp gague rest when car reachs correct temperture ?

    It's common in Honda cars if the temp needle is just below half way. My 2005 Accord does that. And about 800 rpm seems a normal engine idling too. But let's see if anyone with a 6th gen can reply.
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    REVIEW: Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric

    Got two Asymmetric 2 in the rear wheels a few weeks ago and will probably change the two at the front this week. Curious to see how they behave in relation with the previous Michelin Pilot Sport 3. I expect them to be quite similar. For now, the Goodyear seem to have harder side walls.
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    What does all the extra weight on an i-DTEC consist of? And the benefit is... ?

    That's what I had in mind too. The 2.2 i-ctdi are on the 1600 ish Kg not 1400
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    Words fail me.....

    Scary stuff. I'm thinking how someone wasted money on this.
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    Central lock - fault

    In my case, I had to go straight to Honda.
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    i-CTDi performance filter?

    Nope. No change in sound.
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    i-CTDi performance filter?

    Yep, the main advantage is only that we can clean them and reuse.
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    A real carbon fiber Honda logo!

    A real carbon fiber Honda logo!
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    Applying WD40

    Yep, go with proper products for electrics or electronics. There are both cleaning and anti rust/corrosion products with conductive properties that ***ure the best results.
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    Clutch Replacement developments

    Yep, very curious about the new SMF solution. To get the full stage 2 experience, I really need to start saving. I'm very surprised how they come with new solutions and new versions of their products. Well done.