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    Sourced another module today and still no joy. Is there a fuse for this system anywhere.I am not getting any beep when pressing the hft button.
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    Check System Error

    Had another diagnostic done last week. No fault codes present but still the error message persists. Only seems to occur at low speed, and I've noticed it seems to occur whilst braking.
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    Check System Error

    I have a new battery and alternator. I've noticed it only happens roughly every two days, and only when gently braking.
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    Corroded airbox screws

    Funny enough, my airbox screws are rusty as well. I didn't spot this either when I bought may car 3 weeks ago. I've had to buy a new airbox.
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    Check System Error

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    2004 Tourer auto REMAP

    Hi Jim, this sounds really interesting to me. Where did you get it done, how long did it take, and what was the cost if you don't mind telling........
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    Check System Error

    I keep getting this message flashing up occasionally.I have already had the battery and alternator checked.Both are operating normally. The only fault code found was for the ultrasonic sensor.Any ideas where to look next?
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    TA stickers

    Me too please............
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    Xcarlink or Grom

    Seeing as my HFT module is faulty and I am badly in need of a hands free device I am trying to decide which of the above to purchase. I do play the occasional tunes from my phone, but will load a playlist onto a memory stick which will stay in the car. I've noticed that Grom has an Android...
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    Any news on this issue. My module is also faulty. If I disconnect it and reconnect it will get me into the main menu but will not find my phone. This will happen a few times, and then it will go dead again No beep, no sound whatsoever.
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    xcarlink fit! now gps problem!

    Gps aerial cover
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    Snapping sound coming from the front

    Drop links. A cheap fix.
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    Any Indigo Blue Accord owners with after market alloys? My old car that I sold 3 months ago. I also had Epsilons on the car before purchasing the ones in the pictures. Hope this helps.
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    Is the 2.4 expensive to run?

    I had a 2.4 Accord until 3 months ago. I thoroughly thrashed it for 3 years and it never let me down. A really good car to own and very reliable. Go for it, you won't regret it. I traded up to a Lexus IS250.
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    Headlight washers

    I'm afraid it is usually a dealer only part, as it comes colour coded. Someone stole one of mine a few years ago and also broke the pump. Try in Dunstable. You might get lucky.