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Accord 7th Gen brakes update: All OEM solutions


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08 I-CTDI sport
Hi guys,

I think I may have missed an important minor detail in all of this and I would like some clarity before I get some calipers. I have a CL7 EURO R, which I believe has 300mm front discs (correct me if I'm wrong) would I then need to purchase carriers/brackets if I went with a front caliper set up that caters for a 300mm disc for example Accord Type R?
yeah, you would still need to buy the carriers for a 300mm setup as the slide pin setup and pad design is completely different

Am I right in thinking that if I go for a front set up that needs larger discs I would then need different carriers for example Accord Type S diesel?
also correct, but whether the ATR caliper fits the ATS carrier or vice versa is completely uncharted territory. they are both akebono systems but the pad design differs slightly, and so the ears on the caliper/pin guides on the carrier may have to account for that