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    2000 main relay issue.

    Sorry to hear of your troubles with you Accord, I regularly fix these relays for just the cost of postage, but the fix doesn't always work if its metal fatigue failure and I would highly recommend new unit from Holdcroft Honda. Alternatively, you could try a breakers yard and since lots of...
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    New exhaust for a 1999 3.0 V6 Accord, any advice?

    I purchased several mid-sections for the Accord V6 from Holdcroft at a great price, highly recommended and I imported the 3.2 Acura CL bosal silencers, less visible and a lovely sound. Also, there's a good place in Walsall and did a great system for a Honda 6 members coupe and other Honda's, but...
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    gear problems

    FYI, folks, I wouldn't recommend sticking MTF-3 in an old or worn gearbox let alone one with a possible problem, which I hope was resolved with the relevant suggestions. Valvoline 75W80 gear oil has resolved loads of issues for me on countless accords where Honda fluids have failed. ;)
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    Automatic Gearbox

    Sorry resurrect an old topic chaps, any reverse issues on the 4 cylinder 4 speed auto's, try unplugging the reverse solenoid located on the front of the transmission and 9 out 10 times it will reverse fine so replacement part or if its valve body blockage I have fitted a relay from the reverse...
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    rattle sound, could it be vtec?

    Sounds either bottom end as suggested or valve train, also does VTEC kick in ok :mellow:
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    1999 Honda Accord - For Sale - £700 or best offer.

    I would suggest posting it for sale on the UK Accord coupe community: although the car has already been discussed amongst members. Apologies for the plug Admins couldn't help myself :blush:
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    Selling a set of four genuine Honda seven spoke wheels from my '98 Accord coupe. Including the tyres

    Hi Simon, post up or PM me some pic's over ;) Cheers
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    There is limited choice of springs overall yes, I have experience with the few available for the 2.0-3.0 and I suggest buy some decent ones and forget about problems later ;)
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    8th Gen Accord Tourer, Rear Brakes Replacement. Part 1

    PM over your registration number and I will check for you ;)
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    oil leak help,new member

    Andy is right check the sump gasket ;) also there is a oil filter housing gasket that fails and it will get worse if left the is screen that gets clogged up and it will leak in the cam belt pulley area next the oil filter ^_^ one I’ve fixed earlier :)
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    6th GEN alarm fobs?

    Quick video I did last month ;) I've just ordered a couple of new fobs from the Remote Doctor
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    End of the road for my 6G...

    I third that ;)
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    Another Rusty Sunroof

    I’m a corrosion freak on the 7th - 8th gen as I've discreetly sorted little bits like this at no charge :mellow: and customers are none the wiser. Also look out around the window trims the wheel arches and sub-frame areas, some have been worse than a substantially older higher mileage 6th Gen’s...
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    My auto gearbox is losing fluid?

    Sorry to here of your troubles m8y, The differential bearing is the most common on 2001-02 and that would be obvious, another thought have you checked the coolant lately as the transmission has cooler lines go into the radiator and these can fail if the coolant turned acidic and will eat into...
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    6th gen MTF Manual Transmission Fluid Full Change

    Check this topic: