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    Remember these are smart alternators, and might not always charge the battery during the test.
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    Steering Alignment

    Personally I prefer a blooming big hammer. ;)
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    Steering Alignment

    I recommend an oil change. Should sort the problem for you :D
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    without being sexist can i say...

    Steady on Eric.
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    Aux - Premium Sound System

    :lol: You got there in the end ;)>
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    Aux - Premium Sound System

    Have we linkage?
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    Aux - Premium Sound System

    Yes we do... PM a Mod or Admin member and they'll reply with it.
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    Aux - Premium Sound System

    If in doubt you can ask them. Plenty of members have one of these though. £83 on something that works is better value than £30 on something that doesn't ;).
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    Aux - Premium Sound System

    The term "silly money" is all relative. Have you checked the XCarlink threads?
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    Car starting problems and jerking sometimes when accelerating

    Check the priming bulb is hard and maybe drain the filter of any water?
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    Rear Brake Disc Issue, a cautionary tale

    Top TA Tip there Ian - cheers!
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    7th gen honda accord satnav issuses

    Duly moved for you. Right... for a start I would be getting the correct version of the CD. Have a check around the forum. but I think you can only have a ersion 2 disc, anything for the 06 plate cars is version 3 and will not work. I am in the office tomorrow and will have a look and see if I...
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    Beginners paint correction course

    Damn, I really want to do this, but I'm already at a training course this month and the missus would wig out :lol: Any other dates in the pipeline?
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    real bad smell

    Why not detach the tubes from the screen jets, put some bleach in the bottle and just rinse it through a few times?
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    Help please....

    Oh dear.... wouldn't you prefer to walk though? I mean.... a Vauxhall....... Astra...... they drive those in Luton ...... I'd rather walk on my hands :lol: